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About Us

We are a full time committed consultancy company, driven to provide state of the art training to our clients and leaving no room for disappointment in their hearts. Our objective and advocacy is the promotion and advancement of efficient administration of training needs in industry and commerce and public affairs by the continued development of staff through relevant corporate training.

  1. Provide a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas, expertise and experience relevant to corporate training in commerce, industry and public enterprises (government ministries and departments).
  2. Extend the employee awareness and involvement in all aspects of the organizational development.
  3. Set and promulgate standards of excellence in propriety and best practice in corporate training and management consultancy.

To maintain a leading position when satisfying our clients, maintaining high training and consultancy standards. We are determined to continue improving by changing the learning materials to suit the idiosyncratic needs of our learners, their employees, research, economic circumstances, technological development, changing times and geographical location in order to maintain our leading position.




Desmas Trainers and Consultants a BQA registered and accredited consultant firm has adequate manpower and are fully equipped to undertake any project. Our services can be used to re- engineer and improve change management within an organization, prepare and deliver customer tailored corporate training and management consultancy at all level of the organization structure.


We have adopted the course team approach to make sure that our training and learning materials are produce by team which share academic technical and profession skills and know ledge to produce learning material s that will in turn create an enabling intellectual and professional environment for public, community, employees and organizational objectives.


Our team of professionals who are all BQA accredited is always willing to walk to the extra mile so as to complete all work to the required standard within the project cost and time. In fact we want our clients to see us as their strategic training partner in developing organisation`s personnel.


Botswana Ash Sowa Mine
Ngwato Land Board
Department of Housing
Ministry of Lands and Housing
Department of Lands
Office of The Auditor General
Department of Forestry and Range Resources
Department of Industrial Affairs